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We know that selling your business is a BIG deal for you. You require a broker who understands the process, who can communicate with you instantaneously, and knows what’s involved in the sale. By choosing us, you deal with a broker who understands every aspect of the process, has the network and experience to work with other professionals, can help you negotiate the price and successful sale, at your side through the process the entire time. While other brokerages may offer you deep discounts, our business model does not allow us to match any other brokerage’s commissions. We think our service level and customer commitment that we offer is one of the best in the industry. We believe in quality rather than quantity. Piling up hundreds of listings doesn’t sell your business.  We believe that our individualized program, processes, and attention will sell it. Of course, we cannot offer any form of guarantee to sell your business.  There are just too many variables to deal with, both for you and for us.  However, you do have our firm commitment that we’ll do anything and everything to wrap it up the sale within six months or less. While we proudly state that the last business we sold was within three months of listing, every business and situation is so uniquely different from others that you cannot accurately predict a time frame for sale. Being responsive, truthful, cooperative, and flexible are essential requirements to bring home a successful closing. Please contact us for more information.

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