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Please pardon our appearance while we are renovating our website. We are currently in the process of changing our entire operation and will be giving you the most updated and in-depth information once we are up and running, within the next month or so. We are finalizing a new and exciting concept that we have been researching & working on for several years now, which we believe will be a complete game-changer within the existing hospitality industry. It will be an overseas and a multi-million-dollar investment, and our group of Brokers who are bringing this concept to life will be given a suite within this new facility as part of the broker’s commission, as to be able to assist and supervise the daily operations closely and in person.

But we do have two of the best parts of this unique opportunity to share with you now:

Please feel free to send an email to at any time should you have any questions or comments. Thank you so much for visiting our website, and we are looking forward to speaking with you again soon!

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The Momentum Team.