Reusable Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box Manufacturing Equipment – Ohio

For Sale: $295,000 (AS IS)



This equipment is being sold “as is”  


OHIO (Easily relocatable)

Original Machinery Value:

$ 2,200,000

Projected SDE:      

$ 600,000+



Reason for Sale:

Partnership Conflict

Good Product. Good Industry. Good Timing!
Looking for a business not affected by the pandemic? Don’t have much money but you’d like to be part of a multimillion-dollar business? Looking for a business but you don’t have the full funds? I think it’s fair to say that we live in different times so you might want to be more careful with your investment as it should be able to fit in today’s world as well as tomorrow’s so that you can feel confident about your investment in my opinion! Well, you might be in luck read on.

I’m selling reusable-collapsible plastic pallet box manufacturing equipment. No no! This is not a business that is in operation. It was a business in operation though. The seller has spent a little over $2,200,000 dollars for this equipment (he has all the documentation for this transaction). This equipment is the core equipment for production. The top/bottom parts and the sidewalls are being purchased from another supplier and the rest are being made by this equipment (the cutting, die-cutting, creasing, edge-sealing, welding, and stamping/printing.
Here’s the link to what this equipment manufactures if you’d like to see to understand a little better (please note that I’m using this picture to give you an idea about what it looks like, this equipment did not produce the pallet box that you see in that picture however it’s almost identical). Here it is;

Please note that this equipment is being sold “as is” so no guarantee is offered. However no known issues or broken parts reported. The Seller has a professional who knows the product very well and will introduce the  parties to each other (if asked) after the closing. 





Foreign Wastewater Treatment Company 




Domestic Wastewater Treatment Company   


Europe – Middle East (Easily relocatable)

Inventory Value:

$ 148,000

Cash Flow:      

$ 285,000



Reason for Sale:



I don’t know what “global water shortage” means, do you?

The operation: in a nutshell this technology allows the used domestic water to be reused for any usage or simply for discharge to nature without harming it. Treated wastewater can even be used for drinking after advanced treatment methods such as Reverse Osmosis (R/O). This industry would become particularly important when a water shortage was to occur. Scientific research reveals clear results that a severe water shortage is expected to happen in the next X number of years but we still recommend you do your own research about this and believe the necessity of this technology as much as we do. In fact, here’s a video that may help you to understand where we’re standing with this; (In Netflix Explained
Please note that the location of this operation is Europe/Middle East. Here’s what we’re bringing to the table; unmatched German Technology, proven sales history, pipeline, customer database, experience, impeccable business history, tips and tricks, and guidance that is incredibly important for the company’s future success. There are less than 15 key OEM companies that are global players in this specific German Technology. This proven over and over technology is making a great comeback these days due to the importance of energy savings of this technology.
Has a huge potential in its own country and abroad (currently 60% of the clientele foreign countries) The founder of the company is ready to offer training and support for a certain amount of time and he’s open to an employment contract if needed.
Here’s a simple question; “what happens if you achieve ROI in 2 years or less?” Please, do not settle with our statement, do a potential market analysis on your own and see the potential yourself! If you want to invest in the future, maybe this is it! Oh, did we mention that the company is in the market for sale for the first time? Why should you choose this company among others? We look forward to providing you with more information about the company’s operations and its finances subsequent to the signing of an NDA.
Please read below carefully to understand this rare opportunity better and faster.
1- This is a chance to become MUCH bigger in size in this industry by branching out to just a few countries. How is that possible? The home country of this business offers much cheaper labor, utilities, and fixed costs. Just stepping up from 15th to 14th on the list just might mean 20 times more in sales. Furthermore, the seller thinks that keeping the home country of this operation for manufacturing then putting the parts together (around 51% of it as far as we know but please check this on your own to confirm) here in America would give you the liberty to put the stamp as “Made in the U.S.A” for global prestige.
2- This business is in good shape and the seller is happy with everything not desperate for more sales, but he firmly believes that the potential is at least 100 times more than his numbers. Please note that this business does not have an ordinary “sales and marketing” department. These numbers are just the seller’s personal endeavor.
3- This business has a trademark that is registered in its home country and it can easily be registered worldwide or in certain countries.
4- The seller is flexible regarding owner financing and ready to make a commitment if needed
5- Esteemed references are available upon request.
6- We will prefer parties who do not rely on loans that are outsourced or will be outsourced as this is a foreign business (located outside of the U.S).
7- Chance to own a business that is helping the Earth and its people!
8- Please note that there is additional information we look forward to sharing with potential parties upon signing of an NDA.
Please note that the seller is motivated and will entertain all reasonable offers!





4 Robust Technologies Under 1 Roof (Including Anti-Corona Technology)




Pollution Control Technology. Waste Management Technology. Anti Virus – Anti Bacteria Technology. Cold Plasma Technology. 


New York (Easily relocatable)


Collective staff experience more than 140 years


16 Patents. Honor/Awards. Numerous Publications



Reason for Sale:


Significant profit margin. Possibility R.O.I within the first few projects.

We are proud to present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into the most advanced Technology Design and Manufacturing business for Commercial and industrial Air Cleaning Equipment.
The business is very profitable (35% ON THE AVERAGE) for a simple reason… the number of people IN THE WORLD that are capable to do that so efficiently can be counted by fingers on one hand.
But sales and marketing require some investment that the current owner at this stage of his life will not do and the new owner should do it to expand the business.
Here is the problem that humanity is facing in the USA as well as other developed countries.
It is an undisputed fact that the residential areas around power, steel, chemical, textile plants, and other toxic smoke-producing Industries are occupied mainly by minority and low-income populations since the real estate in those areas are less expensive.

This fact is not only violating the basic American principle of equality but also creating an additional burden on the health care system in those areas and especially the early development issues for children.

Many of us experience air pollution-related symptoms such as watery eyes, coughing, or difficulty breathing. Even for healthy people, polluted air can cause respiratory irritation or breathing difficulties during exercise or outdoor activities. Your actual risk depends on your current health status, the pollutant type and concentration, and the length of your exposure to the polluted air.
People most susceptible to severe health problems from air pollution are:
• Individuals with heart disease – such as coronary artery disease or congestive heart failure
• Individuals with lung disease – such as asthma, emphysema, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
• Pregnant women
• Outdoor workers
• Children under age 14, whose lungs are still developing
• Athletes who exercise vigorously outdoors
High air pollution levels can cause immediate health problems:
• Aggravated cardiovascular and respiratory illness
• Added stress to heart and lungs, which must work harder to supply the body with oxygen
• Damaged cells in the respiratory system
Long-term exposure to polluted air can have permanent health effects:
• Accelerated aging of the lungs
• Loss of lung capacity
• Decreased lung function
• Development of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly cancer
• Shortened life span
A 2004 investigative study into cardiovascular mortality and long-term exposure to air pollution published in Circulation (major scientific journal for the American Heart Association) found the following:
“…Fine particulate air pollution is a risk factor for cause-specific cardiovascular disease mortality via mechanisms that likely include pulmonary and systemic inflammation, accelerated atherosclerosis, and altered cardiac autonomic function…”

For the last 40 years, our company has developed, designed, fabricated, and installed several hundred systems around the world that are removing all types of pollutants to the level much below that EPA is required. Some of our installations become landmarks of the fight for clean air in the USA.
Our system for one of the largest chemical plants in the world is removing toxic Dioxin from incineration gas 30 times below the EPA limit. Dioxins and Furans are present in the exhaust gas from Incinerators combusting waste containing plastic bags and other chlorinated organic and it is 10,000 times more potent toxin than the Cyanide. Descriptions of our other systems are in our publications that can be provided upon request.
Super high efficiency of removal of the smallest particles that are always suspended in the air like COVID-19 VIRUSES THAT ONLY 0.1 MICRON SIZE is of paramount importance for the public health since those particles are invisible and usually hundred times smaller than the thickness of human hair and they are penetrating directly from the lungs into the bloodstream.
The most toxic representative of those particles in the urban environment is particles of soot that are present in the Diesel Trucks and buses exhaust. Such areas of high concentration of Diesel smoke usually areas of slow heavy traffic and more specifically Tunnels.
The currently used exhaust ventilation system is just relocating those pollutants from the tunnel to a close area in the City endangering the population, especially small children. Diesel exhaust is containing at least 10 most dangerous cancer-causing chemicals.
Our company has patented, designed, and certified by the CARB (California Air Resources Board) Diesel smoke removal system. Our staff combined experience in the field of air pollution control is 140 years and all the equipment design is protected by many US Patents.
Since we have many technologies that we have used (see the list below) we can clean the air by removing SMOKE cost-effectively coming out of any process industrial or municipal. Our innovative equipment is much more compact than competing and as the result is more cost-effective, affordable, and usually required 20 times less energy to operate. Most of our devices require zero maintenance in the current economy and labor problems are very important for the end-user.
1. High velocity and high corona current density super-efficient Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP)
a) Vertical Tubular UP FLOW
b) Vertical Tubular DOWNFLOW
c) Vertical Tubular Condensing type water or air-cooled
d) Horizontal Plate Dry washable
e) Horizontal Plate wet self- cleaning
2. Scrubbers for particles removal
a) Quenchers for hot gas
b) High Energy Venturi type
c) Medium and low energy rod or marble bed type stand-alone or build in the WESP housing
3. Scrubbers Absorbers for Gas Cleaning, Odor Control, and Mercury Removal
a) Multi Rod Layers none clogging and self-cleaning
b) Packed Bed Scrubbers
4. Carbon Bed Adsorbers for VOC Control and Recovery and Odor elimination
a) With disposable carbon powder
b) With regeneration and carbon reuse with or without product recovery.
5. High and low-temperature Dry Centrifugal Separators (CYCLONES) for solid dust removal with airlocks.
6. Oil – Water Separators EE Proprietary Design without separation media that can clog.
7. Complete Air Pollution Control System based on the above equipment.
8. WESP System for SO2 and Acid removal including soot smoke for large Diesel
Powered Ocean ships
9. COVID – 19 Virus elimination Air cleaning system for large buildings HVAC
Please note that the seller is motivated and will entertain all reasonable offers!